Offshore retirement planning

This service is provided by Brooks Macdonald Retirement Services (International) Limited which is licensed and regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Its Guernsey branch is licensed and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

We all need to look to the future though none of us can tell what is just ahead. Planning for your retirement makes sense no matter how old you are or what career path you decide to follow. Wealth preservation and wealth creation is what we provide.

If you start thinking about the future now you can make prudent decisions about your retirement and retain control and flexibility but also plan for any surprises which may not allow you to meet your retirement objectives.

In Jersey and Guernsey, a pension is the most tax-efficient means of saving for the future and is the only tax-efficient investment remaining while other allowances are phased out. This means you will enjoy tax relief on lump sum and/or regular contributions (up to prevailing limits) that you invest into an approved pension vehicle.

Your pension is your responsibility and it is important that you take control of your future. At Brooks Macdonald Retirement Services we want to make your retirement planning as simple and transparent as possible. With clear, concise advice we can help you make sensible choices when planning for your retirement.

Anyone over the age of 18 should start planning for their retirement, no matter what their occupation. Taking sound, professional advice that is clear and concise is the first step.

The introduction of Retirement Annuity Trust Schemes in recent years has led to a significant change in the pensions market and has, in turn, provided more transparent trust-based solutions for Channel Islands residents to invest in.

A trust-based pension is a viable option for those who have yet to start planning for their retirement or who already have a traditional insurance-based pension but feel it may no longer be the most appropriate arrangement for them.