Brooks Girls' Complete Moonwalk in One Piece

Lisa Mason, Sinead Chapman, Linda Bryant, Zita Griffiths-Eyton and Karen Smith (ex-BM employee) successfully completed their 26.2 mile long Moonwalk starting after midnight on 12th May. They were walking through Central London overnight in their bras to raise awareness and donations for breast cancer.

Between them they raised £2,488.39, £750 of which was donated by the Brooks Macdonald Foundation.  Their donation site is still open, so if you haven’t donated yet and wish to do so, please follow the link below.

The girls’ updates on Facebook following the walk were:

Linda: Definitely having a break for a while AND booking a pedicure next weekend - my feet are ruined! Xxx




Sinead: Only went and did it! Can't move now but I don't care. Amazing feeling. Couldn't have done it without all the support from friends and family. Thanks you guys xx



Lisa: What a tough tough night!! But i am so proud of us girls for completing the london moonwalk (26.2 miles through the night) in 8 hours and 58 minutes. It was a challenging night and very emotional. I couldnt have done it without the support i had from everyone. Thank you all!! Xx



Zita: I'm knackered and feel in pieces but finished the 26.2 miles of London Moonwalk at 9.28 this morning. It was hard work but worth every minute of it! Thank you everyone for all your support for this important cause! Xx



Karen: It's going to take me HOURS to get my hair back to normal. Does anyone have any tips for unknotting teased hair? :) x