Our investment process

Our approach is to create balanced, individual portfolios, composed of the best investments from all investment media across all asset classes, in order to provide strong and consistent risk-adjusted returns over the medium and longer term.

This approach is founded on four key principles:

Asset selection

To maximise investment returns we aim to buy the most appropriate assets. To maintain balanced returns, we need balanced portfolios. As a result, our aim is for our portfolios to combine a selection of external managers with a proven track record together with a carefully selected mix of direct, passive and alternative assets across a managed selection of the most relevant asset classes.

Active management

Portfolios need to be actively adjusted to take account of market conditions in a fast changing world. We therefore combine our balanced, strategic approach to asset allocation with active management of the underlying assets and tactical allocation adjustment to consistently maintain an optimal blend of assets.

Portfolio focus

We believe that a client’s portfolio should be built and managed individually by the investment manager yet benefit fully from the investment management system created by the company. We therefore enable our investment managers to combine their understanding of a client’s specific requirements with asset allocation guidance from our investment committee and investment selections from our research teams.

Focus on quality and clarity

In support of our investment managers and our asset selection, we buy high calibre independent research, utilise high quality external dealing, banking and custody partners and maintain best practice with regard to fees, dealing and general costs.

To discuss our investment process further with one of our investment managers please call us on 020 7499 6424 or email us at info-am@brooksmacdonald.com